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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If Jesus had IM Version II

At long last, I've completed the second installment. I'm posting it here to allow for comments, but don't forget to visit my all-new, completely owned and operated website OneEggShy.
Don't forget to read the original here:

JesusTheCarpenter: Mom?
VirginMary7: Jesus! Good to hear from You! How are You?
JesusTheCarpenter: I’m good, I’m good.
VirginMary7: How does it feel to be 29?
JesusTheCarpenter: I’m getting near the point where I should be doing my Father’s work, you know?
VirginMary7: What do You mean? You’ve always help Joseph. That house the two of You built was really good. Bob and Suzie are still raving about it.
JesusTheCarpenter: No, I mean My Father.
VirginMary7: Oh…
JesusTheCarpenter: So that’s actually what I wanted to ask you about. I feel like I need a new screenname to reflect My new mission.
VirginMary7: Oh, okay. Well, what are You thinking?
JesusTheCarpenter: I’ve made a list. Tell me what you think.
VirginMary7: Okay.
JesusTheCarpenter: Here’s the first one: PrinceOfPeace.
VirginMary7: Hmm…I like it, but I don’t love it. I think people will have a problem with You saying You’re a Prince, you know?
JesusTheCarpenter: Yeah…so you won’t like KingODaJews either. LambOfGod?
VirginMary7: I don’t like You being compared to an animal.
JesusTheCarpenter: TheTrueVine?
VirginMary7: I don’t like the implication of alcohol.
JesusTheCarpenter: Tough crowd ;) How about TheWordOfLife?
VirginMary7: That’s better. It’s the best so far. What else do you have?
JesusTheCarpenter: What about DaGoodShepard?
VirginMary7: I like that one too. Is that it?
JesusTheCarpenter: The only other one I have is JCDaMessiah.
VirginMary7: Perfect!
JesusTheCarpenter: Yeah?
VirginMary7: Yup, I love it.
JesusTheCarpenter: Okay, that’s what I’ll use then. Thanks mom.
VirginMary7: Glad I could help. Take care. Make sure You’re eating well!

Dad? You there?
Auto response from IAmWhoAm: I’m away from my computer right now.

JesusTheCarpenter: Oh, okay, You must be busy. I just wanted to let You know that I was making a new screenname. So if You ever, You know, want to drop Me a line, you can reach me at JCDaMessiah. I think the new name will reflect My new mission and everything.
JesusTheCarpenter: Send me an IM whenever, Dad. Oh, and thanks for the new abilities and things. I’ve been practicing working miracles around the house while no one is around. I brought a caterpillar back to life the other day.
JesusTheCarpenter: So, um, I’ll talk to you later.

Taxman54: Jesus?
JcDaMessiah: Matthew. Hey.
Taxman54: I need to talk to you about something…
JcDaMessiah: Okay, I’m listening.
Taxman54: Well, I did something…sinful. Not just once, either.
JcDaMessiah: Okay…
Taxman54: I’ve been looking at dirty websites.
JcDaMessiah: Oh. Well, yeah, that is a problem.
Taxman54: I can’t help it! I know it’s bad and everything, but I can’t resist the temptation. It’s like I don’t WANT to look at the sites, but before I know it, my hand is moving the mouse and there I am again. I’m so sorry!
JcDaMessiah: Okay. Well, this may sound harsh, but you may have to cut it off…
Taxman54: My hand?
JcDaMessiah: No, your connection to the Internet.
Taxman54: Oh. Crap. But I use it all the time.
JcDaMessiah: If it offends thee, cut it off.
Taxman54: Can’t I at least go to dial-up?
JcDaMessiah: Will that solve the problem, or just make it less severe?
Taxman54: Maybe I would be better off cutting off my hand. LOL.
JcDaMessiah: You know what you have to do.
Taxman54: You’re right. But how will I communicate with everyone?
JcDaMessiah: You’ll find a way.
Taxman54: Yeah…okay, thank you, master.
JcDaMessiah: NE time.

JcDaMessiah: Dad?
Auto response from IAmWhoAm: I’m away from my computer right now. JcDaMessiah: Still out I see. Well, I just wanted to ask why You didn’t show up for my baptism the other day? All the other dad’s were there. I did really well, too. The Holy Spirit came. It was good to see him again. Well, if You can make it, I’m going to be doing an exorcism next week. I’d really like it if You were there, Dad. Mom sends her best.

Martha'sVineyard: Hey.
JCDaMessiah: Martha! Good to hear from you!
Martha'sVineyard: Yeah, um, u 2.
JCDaMessiah: How are you? How’s your brother?
Martha'sVineyard: That’s actually what I’m writing you about.
JCDaMessiah: Oh. What’s up?
Martha'sVineyard: It’s about Lazurus.
JCDaMessiah: Is he okay?
Martha'sVineyard: Not really. I wanted to ask…well, I heard about the whole water-into-wine thing, and we’re all very impressed. I couldn’t believe you healed that crippled man. And walking on water and saving that drowning man? Real, real neat.
JCDaMessiah: Okay…
Martha'sVineyard: But, um, we were wondering just how far your mircales actually could strech.
JCDaMessiah: He isn’t a thirsty, drowning cripple, is he?
Martha'sVineyard: No, it’s a little more complicated than that…
JCDaMessiah: ???
Martha'sVineyard: He’s, um…
Martha'sVineyard: Boy, this is hard.
Martha'sVineyard: He’s…well…really sick.
JCDaMessiah: Okay. Look, I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay?
Martha'sVineyard: Oh, thank you Lord!
JCDaMessiah: You’re welcome.

Apostle#7: Yo, jeez!
JCDaMessiah: Hey, what’s up?
Apostle#7: I heard there’s this crazy big crowd gathered in the streets waiting for You!
JCDaMessiah: Yeah, I figured there would be.
Apostle#7: It’s nutz! There must be thousands of people!
JCDaMessiah: I know! I’m pretty excited.
Apostle#7: It’s almost like…nah, I shouldn’t say it.
JCDaMessiah: Huh?
Apostle#7: I don’t want to offend anyone.
JCDaMessiah: Okay…
Apostle#7: Well, I was just gonna say, it’s almost like You’re bigger than the Beatles!
JcDaMessiah: LOL! Nah, I don’t think so. They’re still pretty big.
Apostle#7: I don’t know, there really are A LOT of people.
JCDaMessiah: Listen up, here’s what we’re gonna do. Go into town and find a Ford Pinto.
Apostle#7: A Pinto? Are You sure? Wouldn’t a Corvette be better?
JCDaMessiah: Come on, trust me.
Apostle#7: Okay. So find the Pinto…
JCDaMessiah: It’ll never have been driven before.
Apostle#7: I can imagine why, those cars are crappy.
JCDaMessiah: Bring it to me and then I’ll ride on top of it, like in a parade.
Apostle#7: What about the owner?
JCDaMessiah: If the owner gives you trouble, just tell him it’s for Me. He’ll understand.
Apostle#7: Okay, we’ll do as You ask. I still think You’re bigger than the Beatles.

JCDaMessiah: Hey, I just wanted to let you know that crap is going down tonight. So, um, be ready.
TheRockSays: I’m not going to let them take you.
JCDaMessiah: Yes you are. I know you don’t want to hear this, but all of the members of the D Crew are gonna deny knowing me.
TheRockSays: What? I’d never do that!
JCDaMessiah: Yes you will, Peter. Twice, in fact, before the cock crows.
TheRockSays: I’ll kill the guards before letting them get you. I’ll die myself!
JCDaMessiah: You’re my bff, Peter, you know that, but it’s gonna happen. Just be ready.

JDaBaptist: Sup, cuz?
JCDaMessiah: Johnny, hey, what’s going down?
JDaBaptist: Nuttin’, nuttin. U hungry?
JCDaMessiah: Yeah, kinda. Wanna grab lunch?
JDaBaptist: Yeah, come on over. U want pizza or fish?
JCDaMessiah: I’m getting a little tired of the whole fish thing, to be honest. The apostles are ALWAYS eating it. Pizza sounds great.
JDaBaptist: K. Toppings?
JCDaMessiah: Whatever you want man, it’s your pizza.
JDaBaptist: How about wild honey and locusts?
JCDaMessiah: What? As toppings?
JDaBaptist: Yeah dude, they’re delicious.
JCDaMessiah: Okay, I guess.
JDaBaptist: Okay, come over in like a few.
JCDaMessiah: Oh, John?
JDaBaptist: Yeah? What up?
JCDaMessiah: I have a silly question…
JDaBaptist: ??
JCDaMessiah: Well, I know you’ve done a lot of baptisms and everything…
JDaBaptist: Uh huh…
JCDaMessiah: Well…I still have water in my ear. Do you know a good way to get it out?
JDaBaptist: Oh, haha, that happens all the time. Can’t U just, U know, take care of it Urself?
JCDaMessiah: I don’t like to use my, um, powers on myself, you know? I don’t think my pops would approve.
JDaBaptist: Okay, we’ll take a look at it when U get here.
JCDaMessiah: Thanks, bud.
JDaBaptist: No prob. Cya soon.

JudasIzzy23: Yo, how much silver for selling out Jesus?
JcDaMessiah: What?
JudasIzzy23: Shit. Wrong window. Christ.
JcDaMessiah: Yes?
JudasIzzy23: I sent it to the wrong window.
JcDaMessiah: I forgive you.

ChristHasRisen: Mary?
Auto response from MaryMags69: :(
ChristHasRisen: You there?
MaryMags69: Who is this?
ChristHasRisen: Why are you crying?
MaryMags69: They took away my lord’s body and I don’t know where they’ve taken him!
ChristHasRisen: Mary…calm down.
MaryMags69: Wait…teacher?
ChristHasRisen: What up!!?
MaryMags69: Oh My! You have risen! Now I guess the screenname makes sense. LOL.
ChristHasRisen: Can you do Me a favor?
MaryMags69: Of course!
ChristHasRisen: Tell my disciples that I haven’t yet returned to My Pops, but that I will. Okay?
MaryMags69: Yes, yes! I’m so glad!

ChristHasRisen: Thomas!
DoubtingThomas: Who is this?
ChristHasRisen: It’s Jesus! I’m back!
DoubtingThomas: Yeah, sure. Who is this?
ChristHasRisen: Thomas, seriously, it’s Jesus.
DoubtingThomas: Jesus died. I saw his tomb.
ChristHasRisen: Thomas. It’s Me. Really.
DoubtingThomas: Uh huh. Who is this? Matthias? You make a new SN to mess with all the disciples?
ChristHasRisen: It’s Me. I’m telling you.
DoubtingThomas: Not buying it. If you’re really Jesus…what’s your favorite food?
ChristHasRisen: Fish.
DoubtingThomas: Too easy, everyone knows that.
ChristHasRisen: Okay, ask me another then.
DoubtingThomas: Alright, alright. Why did Jesus use stories?
ChristHasRisen: Because when other people listen, they don’t hear, and when they look, they don’t see. I reveal the truth to you guys.
DoubtingThomas: Good answer? You’ve done your research. But listen, I’m not going to believe you until I can stick my hands in your wounds.
ChristHasRisen: Is that really what you want? I’ll take a pic with my webcam right now and send it over. Will that satisfy you? Huh? Then you can see where the spear lanced me close up.
DoubtingThomas: Oh man. You are Jesus, aren’t You? I’m sorry!
ChristHasRisen: I’m glad you believe it, now. But listen, Thomas…the best people will be those who believe in Me without needing a direct connection to prove it.


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Tim said…

    Funny stuff.

  • At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Gerhard said…

    haha! dude this is the sh1t!!!

    Great work man :D

  • At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    haha I love the convo when apostle#7 says that Jesus is bigger than the beatles.

  • At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this shit is bananas, but some of the colors you use, virgen mary's pale blue text and mary magdalens light purple, are not only hard to read but they also hurt my eyes.


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