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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Im Chaos.

I first learned how to use “alt + tab” my freshman year of college. If you don’t know, “alt + tab” is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to switch between windows without using your mouse. Try it, I’ll be here when you come back.

Welcome back. The great thing about “alt + tab” is that it saves a lot of time that would be wasted using your mouse. The bad thing is sometimes you can switch to a window that you didn’t mean to. Normally this doesn’t matter. Sometimes, however, if you’re talking on IM and not paying attention, this can have disastrous results.

For example, my freshman year I was talking to a girl I had just started dating at the same time as a friend from home. I don’t remember what I was talking to the girl about, something innocuous I’m sure, but I know I was talking to my friend about that very girl. In the middle of alt-tabbing, I accidently sent this message to the girl, when it was meant for my friend.

OneEggShy’sSN: Yeah, I’m into her, but she’s not that bright.
GirlIwasDating: What?

Ok. Here I had to think quick. To backtrack. I told my friend, desperate for advice, and all he did was laugh at me.

OneEggShy’sSN: Oh, that’s um something my friend just said to me. He’s having trouble with a girl.
GirlIwasDating: Oh, okay. Sucks for him.

The funny part is she proved that she fit my description perfectly.

I did a similar thing last summer when I said “I hope she invites me over for sex” to the girl I was talking about. You think I would have learned. Anyway, remembering my own mess ups with “alt + tab” made me scan the history books for other famous IM mishaps. I found the following ones:

JWBooth: Nah, I can’t chill 2nite, I’m goin’ to the theater to shoot the prez.
HonestAbe7: What?
JWBooth: Oh, hey...I was saying how I was gonna shoot the bull with you later.
HonestAbe7: Oh. K. Awesome. Cya there!

OsamaBDizzle: Today infidels die.
GBush2: What?
OsamaBDizzle: Nothing. Wrong window.
GBush2: Oh, so other infidels?
OsamaBDizzle: Yeah, totally. Don’t sweat it.
GBush2: Oh, cool. I’m gonna go read to some kids then.
OsamaBDizzle: K. L8r.

JudasIzzy23: Yo, how much silver for selling out Jesus?
JCTheMessiah: What?
JudasIzzy23: Shit. Wrong window. Christ.
JCTheMessiah: Yes?
JudasIzzy23: I sent it to the wrong window.
JCTheMessiah: I forgive you.

The moral of this story? Be careful when alt-tabbing. Very careful.


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Jake said…

    I once alt-tabbed between the coke website and the pop rocks website. My computer melted.

  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger Angela in Europe said…

    I always enjoy laughing at others. Thanks!

  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Russo said…

    that was your best post to date. i actually laughed out loud.

  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Russo said…

    sorry, that last comment was suppose to go to another blog...


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