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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Red Sox Man

Red Sox Man stood tall and threatening. He took first initiative and blasted out work experience questions. Luckily I countered the questions with a quick dodge and was able to fire back a comment about the big homerun David Ortiz had hit the previous night. The power of the comment hit him so hard that he thought I answered his question properly and took off nearly half his power bar. Not to be out-witted so easily, he again fired a fury of shots.

"What would your previous co-workers say about you?!" I jumped behind his desk and the question sprayed papers everywhere.

"What would previous managers say about you?" I knew I still had some juice left with the Boston remarks, so I raised from behind the desk and told him that Jonathan Papelbon looked like the real deal at closer. This shattered his spirit and knocked off his business man suit, revealing the true Red Sox fan he is. His energy bar was nearly diminished. Now was my chance! I began to joke with him and kissed a little ass. After a few laughs, the last few notches on his energy bar ticked away and he burst into thousands and tiny energy balls and vanished. Immediately afterward I was infused with the power of Guest Service Knowledge.

After winning the battle against Red Sox, I figured I'd leave. However, only a few feet in front of me, a ray of light emanated from the floor. The trailer began to shake, the light became stronger, and the floor exploded! Dust filled the room. I shielded my eyes and waved the dust out of way, and there I saw the silhouette of another man. The dust settled, and it was none other than Jester Man!

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