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Monday, February 20, 2006

Dr. General Manager

“They tell me you have absolutely no serving experience!” he said and laughed. His huge claw came in and made a grab for me, but I rolled out of the way and fired a few blasts back at him. They bounced right off his metal exterior! This was going to take some serious ingenuity.

"What makes up for your lack of experience?" he asked.
I tried a joke on him, thinking it'd hurt him like it did with Jester Man. “A doctor walks into a bar looking to have a few shots!” I said. He didn’t even smile. Dr. General Manger grabbed a chunk of the wall and heaved it at me. I tried rolling again, but it struck my side, lowering my power bar.

"Come on, Chris," he taunted. "Why would you make a good addition to our team?"
I thought maybe that kissing his ass would work. “I can already tell this restaurant will be great! I'll just add to it!” He responded by shooting miniature rockets at me. I shot two megablasts to blow them up before they got me.

I hid behind the desk, panting. I could hear his steps and the circuitry of his suit hum as he circled my position. “I hire a lot of servers,” he said, “so why should I care about you?” My mind raced. What did actually set me apart? I peeked from behind the desk and saw his claws pinching menacingly. I knew he could easily lift the desk and reveal me. I beat him to it.

I powered up my megablast and aimed it directly at the desk. I fired and the desk exploded in a fury of smoke and splinters. Under the cover of the explosion, I ran directly under Dr. General Manager’s robotic body. I jumped onto his back and located a simple “On/Off” switch.
“You should hire me because I think on my feet!” I said and turned the switch to off. His suit disengaged and crumbled to the ground with a dramatic crash, leaving him wearing only his lab coat and glasses.

“Chris,” he said, “You’ve impressed me. I’ll take a risk on you. Welcome aboard!” We shook hands.

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